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Clinical Supervision

Fostering Professional Growth Together

At Circle of Wellness Montreal, we are dedicated to not only providing exceptional care to our clients but also to nurturing the growth and development of future mental health professionals. Our Clinical Supervision Program reflects this commitment, offering comprehensive support and guidance to therapists in training and practicing professionals seeking to enhance their skills.


Through our Clinical Supervision Program, we offer:

Individual Supervision: Our experienced supervisors provide one-on-one supervision sessions tailored to the unique needs and goals of each supervisee. These sessions focus on developing clinical skills, enhancing theoretical knowledge, and fostering professional growth.

Group Supervision: We offer group supervision sessions that create a collaborative environment where supervisees can share experiences, discuss challenging cases, and learn from one another. These sessions promote peer support and collective learning, enriching the supervision experience.

Mentorship and Professional Development: Beyond traditional supervision, our program emphasizes mentorship, providing guidance on career development, self-care, and navigating the complexities of professional practice. Our goal is to support your journey toward becoming a confident and competent mental health professional.

Contact us to join our supervision program.

Whether you'd like to join our team as a supervisor or seek supervision, we're here to support you.

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Are you an Intern?

The Circle of Wellness Montreal offers a range of internship programs for mental health professionals to fulfill clinical requirements for graduate-level training, gain professional licensure, and engage in supervised practice for their professional development.

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