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Dina Merhbi

(BSND) Naturopath, NLP Practitioner

About Dina

Dina is a dedicated naturopath, NLP practitioner, and yoga/mindfulness teacher, providing holistic health and mindset coaching. With over two decades of experience, initially as a dietitian and now as a naturopath, Dina specializes in supporting clients struggling with weight fluctuations, disordered eating, female health issues, food intolerances, and inflammation. Her compassionate and comprehensive approach to wellness makes her a trusted guide on the journey to optimal health.


Dina's approach focuses on guiding clients towards lasting lifestyle changes that go beyond conventional health advice. She offers personalized coaching tailored to individual needs, empowering clients to overcome mindset blocks and adopt healthier habits that fit their lifestyle and goals. By integrating her expertise in naturopathy, NLP, and mindfulness, Dina helps clients achieve sustainable health improvements and a balanced life. Her holistic method ensures that each client receives a well-rounded and effective path to wellness.


  • Bachelor's in Dietetics and Human Nutrition

  • Minor in Psychology

  • Certificate in Mental Health

  • Ayurveda Counselor

  • NLP Practitioner

  • 500-hour Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher


Dina serves a diverse clientele, including teens and adults. Her inclusive practice ensures that individuals from various backgrounds receive the support and guidance they need to thrive. Dina's ability to connect with clients of all ages and backgrounds makes her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking holistic health solutions.


English, French, Lebanese, and Spanish.

Currently Accepting New Clients

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Individual therapy
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