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Katelynn Whitehead

Art Therapist, MA, ATPQ

About Katelynn

Katelynn is a compassionate and skilled art therapist dedicated to supporting clients through anxiety, depression, trauma, and life transitions. Her therapeutic services cater to individuals of all ages, including adults, couples, and teenagers, and she also facilitates enriching group sessions. Katelynn’s empathetic and innovative approach makes her an invaluable ally in the journey toward healing and personal growth.


Katelynn’s therapy approach is deeply rooted in expressive arts therapies, utilizing art as a gentle yet powerful tool for exploration and self-discovery. In her nurturing environment, clients are encouraged to freely express themselves through art, enabling emotional processing and fostering self-compassion. Katelynn’s unique method helps clients unlock their inner creativity and gain profound insights into their emotional well-being.


Katelynn holds a Master of Arts (MA) in Creative Arts Therapies. Her academic background and hands-on experience equip her with the expertise needed to guide clients through their therapeutic journeys effectively.

Professional Associations and Training

  • Member of the Association des Art-Thérapeutes du Québec (AATQ)


Katelynn serves a diverse clientele, including individuals of all ages and backgrounds. She works with adults, couples, and teenagers, offering personalized care and group sessions. Her ability to connect with clients from various walks of life ensures that everyone feels seen, heard, and supported.



Currently Accepting New Clients

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Individual therapy
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