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Fatima Nabi

Psychologist, MA

About Fatima

Fatima Nabi is a clinical supervisor and licensed psychologist through the Order of Psychologists of Quebec. A graduate of the Counselling Program at McGill University, Fatima has been in practice since 2008. She currently works at McGill University’s Student Wellness Hub as a psychologist and clinical supervisor.


Fatima’s orientation to therapy and supervision is integrative, combining mindfulness, humanistic, emotion-focused, and cognitive-behavioural approaches. She also works from an EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) and intersectional lens, ensuring that her practice is inclusive and respectful of diverse experiences and backgrounds.


  • Licensed Psychologist through the Order of Psychologists of Quebec

  • Graduate of the Counselling Program at McGill University

  • In practice since 2008

Professional Associations and Training

Fatima has extensive experience in various settings, including:

  • Peter Hall, a specialized school

  • McGill University’s Psychology Department

  • Private practice

At McGill University, she facilitates workshops and groups on topics such as Anxiety, Depression, Mindfulness, EDI, and Neurodivergence. She has also developed and offered Clinical Supervision Training for other mental health professionals interested in becoming clinical supervisors.


Fatima works with a diverse range of clients, focusing on issues such as anxiety, depression, mindfulness, and neurodivergence. She is committed to providing support that is tailored to the unique needs of each individual, ensuring a personalized and effective therapeutic experience.


English and French

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Individual therapy
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